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Everything began in Espoo, Finland in the year 1999 (and seven months) when a deathmetal band called AGONIA split up. Guitarists Timo Aspiala and Aki Holma, cantor Heidi Parviainen and bassplayer Toni Pynnönen continued their musical career together. No more growling.

Along came an old friend, drummer Markku Näreneva and singer Ilja Jalkanen. It might have been year 2002 when Toni Pynnönen decided to retire. Then there was Teemu Tuominen playing the four stringed stick, and then vocalist Ilja.

In those days (the dismal autumn and winter of the year 2002) was the first official EP, DARK, recorded. The recording, mixing and mastering was done by own hands and with a great help from Atte Tanskanen, the organist of a Heavy metal band called Kiuas. The result was outstanding considering that DARK was born in a rehersal shack with own recording equipment.

In 2003 there were multiple line-up changes for Iconofear. First, Lars Carlson was invited to the band as a bass player. Then came the bad news; Ilja Jalkanen and Markku Nareneva left the band to concentrate fully on their band Kiuas. Then began the long and painful search for a new singer and drummer. Finally Rami Kokko brought himself and his drumming skills to Iconofear, and then, Thomas Vee stepped in as a singer. With this line-up, Iconofear recorded their second EP "The 13th Circle" in 2004-2005. In the year 2006, after numerous succesful live performances Iconofear recorded another EP "The Unbreathing". In 2006, guitarist Timo Aspiala replaced Rami Kokko as a drummer and Kasperi Heikkinen stepped in as the guitarist number two. In 2007 Lars moved far far away, so we needed a new bassplayer. Eerik Purdon was the right man for the job. Mika Lindberg took over the vocal-duties and currently Iconofear is recording its first full-length album. Keyboardist Lari Sorvo is the latest addition to the band. The story goes on...