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Inner Surge is an intense, politically and emotionally charged metal/punk band from Calgary, Canada. The band has an explosive live show and blends punk, rock, metal, hardcore, progressive, electronic and eastern influences. With an eclectic, intense approach, the band explores politics and deep seeded emotions in it's music. The result is a sound that is compassionate, yet unapologetically raw.
Inner Surge was formed in 2001 by Steve Moore, who wrote and recorded the debut album "Solus Verum", a 16-track epic with an intensely personal lyrical approach. The next album " Matrika " was recorded at Organic Sounds studios in Calgary, and was released to excellent reviews. Space Junkies Mag gave it 10+ out of 10, while Bands United described it as "Disturbingly fresh". The album has been critically acclaimed and has earned them positive reviews in many magazines & websites, as well as spots on CBC television and Skratch Magazine. " Matrika " found the band reworking their sound, making it tighter and more hardhitting.

Inner Surge has played many shows including the "Rock against Racism 2002" concert in Calgary, the annual Christmas charity concert at the Underground and headlined the annual CJSW 90.9 Metal Fundraiser in 2005, as well as organized it's own benefit concerts for charities such as Operation Eyesight Universal and the Evan Shaw Foundation. Inner Surge will also be featured on the movie soundtrack for horror film "Cabras" directed by Fredy Polania, due for release in early 2007. The band has also appeared on many compilation CD's including Canadian metal compilation the Fire Union, Skratch Magazine, where Inner Surge appears alongside Epitaph recording artists Converge and Hot Water Music, CrankSpiv Records Volume 8 and 9, SWRecords Alt/Metal comp, Atom Sounds Records, Synaptic Graffiti's latest release and Funender Music. Inner Surge is promoted by Platform 12, AFB Promotions, Atom-Sounds Records and M-Promotions. Inner Surge's intense and honest sound has given the band a fast-growing following, and with plans for a new album on the horizon, the word is sure to spread.


In early 2006, the "Cabras" motion picture will become the first independent film to offer their entire official soundtrack's music videos for download on the new video iPods. There will be a total of 20 music videos available from artists such as Canada's politically charged metal act Inner Surge, Vans Warped Tour 2005 veterans New Crash Position, Florida's hard rockers A New Way Down, dynamic rock band the Morning After, who have opened for the likes of Linkin Park and Good Charlotte, as well as alternative metal band CEDE, along with 15 other videos/bands. All the videos will be directed by "Cabras" director Fredy Polania.

With 20 music videos being featured alongside this metal/rock/punk soundtrack, this marks a revolution in independent music for independent movie soundtracks. Fredy Polania wanted to approach the soundtrack in an innovative way, by choosing what were in his view the best independent bands across North America.

Inner Surge is the only Canadian band to be confirmed for the "Cabras" soundtrack. Their aggressive, eclectic sound and rapidly growing fanbase helped earn them the spot.
They will be filming a video for their hardcore/metal track "Retribution Song", a song about human rights partially inspired by the May 13 Uzbekistan massacre. Inner Surge's last album " Matrika " was critically acclaimed, and they are set to unleash their new album " Signals Screaming " through Cyclone Records this coming March. Learn more about Inner Surge at

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