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Instanzia is a power metal band from Quebec, Canada that traces its roots back in 2004 when Alexis Woodbury started writing songs for a cheap studio project called Kurse. A small demo came out of it but no band was actually started. He kept writing songs and tried recording a new demo in 2005 with Mathieu Fiset on keyboards but once again, nothing really concrete came out of it because they didn’t have a vocalist. In the beginning of 2006 Francis Ducharme (drums) joined the project and another attempt at recording a demo was made in the summer of 2007, once again without being finished because singers kept leaving. A few more songs were written in 2007-2008 and an album project was launched in April of 2008 when Alexis decided he would become Instanzia’s lead singer. Guitarist Benoit Messier and bassist Patrick Du Tremble joined the band and the album’s recordings started in August of 2008. Mathieu Fiset worked on the keyboard arrangements for the album although he was no longer going to be a member of the band because of distance and his other obligations. In the summer of 2009 Patrick Du Tremble had to leave because of his other band and day jobs so he was replaced with Francis Gagné who also happens to be the guy behind the album’s mix. In the beginning of 2010 Benoit Messier also had to leave the band and was replaced by Jean-Christophe Binette. The album’s recordings were officially finished in April 2010 and the band started truly rehearsing in May for shows that were planned for early summer. As of September 2010, the final master of the album is ready and Alexis already started writing lyrics for what will become Instanzia’s second studio album!