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1993: The beginning.

1996: Jezabel performed their first show. Line up: Leandro Coronel (vocals), Diego Del Río and Nestor Rodriguez (Guitars), Pablo Payero (Bass guitar) and Guillermo Saccomanno (Drums).

1997: They took part of the compilation "Las Mejores Voces Del Metal" with the song " A Todo O Nada ".

Between 1998 and 1999 they record their first album " A Todo O Nada ".

2000: Omar Liste joins Jezabel as keyboard player.

2001: Icarus records releases the first Jezabel's album. Hammerfall and Angra plays in Argentina and Jezabel is one of the opening local acts. Another compilation is released: "Tributo A Los Reyes Del Metal". In this album Jezabel performs "I Want Out" a classical Heloween song.

2002: " A Todo O Nada " is released in Spain. Pablo Payero leaves the band being replaced by Gustavo Florio.

2003: Start recording their second album and once again is one of the opening acts of the Swedish band Hammerfall. Cruz Del Sur Music, an Italian label, releases " Legiones Del Sur ", Jezabel's second album in Europe.

2004: Gustavo Florio and Omar Liste leave the band. Juan Dominguez replaces Gustavo and Diego Ribeiro Couto is the guest keyboard player during that year.

2005: A problematic year. Leonardo Puppo replaces Nestor and Maximiliano Skopiuk joins the band as keyboard player. Then Ariel Bermudez is the guest guitar player replacing Leonardo. Finally Nestor Rodriguez rejoins the band. NEMS releases "A Tribute To The Priest"; "Night Crawler" (recorded in 2001) is the Judas Priest's song performed by Jezabel.

2006: More changes. Maximiliano leaves the band. Some months later Alejandro Graf is the new keyboard player.

2007: Nowadays the current line up, Leandro (vocals), Diego And Nestor (guitars), Alejandro (keyboards), Juan (bass guitar) and Guillermo (drums) is recording their third album, which will include 12 new songs.