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Knights of Round was formed in 2003 in Japan.

Combining beautiful melodies and sorrow to create a new generation of melodic speed metal. KNIGHTS OF ROUND raise their swords to metal music fans worldwide! KNIGHTS OF ROUND first formed back in 2003 under the band name "ODIN". After steadily increasing the number of live concerts they eventually launched a nation-wide tour of Japan in December of 2003. Unfortunately the vocalist at the time, "vocchang" dropped out and KNIGHTS OF ROUND became known in their present form after a round of auditions. Based on the concept of the Knights of the Round Table, the band represents a heroic fantasy brand of metal. They take the Knights of the Round Table concept to heart and even perform at live events wielding swords and other weaponry. The fans also bring their own swords to wield in the air to solute their protectors.