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Power Metal - Norway

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Any true believer in the power of heavy metal knows that bands in this genre, has always been able to count on the support of a massive following. Whenever, wherever bands like Maiden, Priest or Manowar play, the metal hordes are there to show their dedication and love for their heroes, always being the best crowd there is. This is not only due to the fact that heavy metal is the best music, but also because metal bands are known for never compromising in any way, never letting their fans down.

Lipstick Liontigers are, of course, no exception. Even from the very beginning you could count on fists in the air and badly out-of-tune high- pitch from the guys in the front rows. For a band like Lipstick, this is important, and therefore they have always taken good care of their fans and shown their appreciation in many ways. The Lipstick guys are never the ones to say no to a fan asking for an autograph or their picture taken.

During the Lipstick set the hardcore bunch of right believers are to be found up front. And boosted by beer and the powerful performance of the Liontigers, we are ready to defend our ideals in any way necessary, in the spirit of true heavy metal. Therefore, we and our metal brothers are often known as soldiers and troopers. We have a mission. Crusaders under the waving banner of metal, a banner containing millions of impressions, eagles, tigers, knights, thunder and lightning, love, Kawasakis with turbo- kits, and so much more. All these impressions summons up what Lipstick Liontigers is all about. And true to the soldier-tradition, we, the hardcore followers, call ourselves THE LIPSTICK ARMY. And guess what, we have a conscription right now. So sign up, come join the forces of steel. Only requirement is a lifelong commitment to heavy metal and Lipstick Liontigers.