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When LIVIN' PARAZITE was formed during the summer of 1989 they played traditional Swedish hard rock and the line-up was vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums.

The keyboard was removed in the beginning of 1990 and LIVIN' PARAZITE became a quartet. The singer of that time left the group one year later and LIVIN' PARAZITE changed their style to more heavy rock. For one and a half year LIVIN' PARAZITE lived on as a trio writing songs only. One additional guitarist named "Linkan" and a new singer joined the group. Unfortunately the singer was not right for the group and one year later he was changed to the present singer Larsa Bertilsson, (WITCHTAILS former singer), and that worked out just fine. After several concerts and studio recordings the band released their first self financed CD maxi for promotion in 1994. That CD led to the release of their first album " Paranoia Chaos " in August 1996 with Massive Music for Scandinavia and RoastingHouse Productions AB as their management. The album received good reviews in Swedish media and got played on rock radio-stations around Sweden. " Paranoia Chaos " was also released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (USG Records) in late August 1997, striking top points in Germany's leading Heavy rock magazines.

In 1999 USG Records went bankrupt and the band lost their spirit for a while, only to be even stronger to record their new album " Down " for a new label, KICK MUSIC. The album will be released in Sweden and Denmark during Dec 2002-JAn 2003. For this album, the guys decided to replace Geron (dr) to hard hitting Niklas Jerberg.

Parazite is formed..Line up:Ola,Martin,Geron,Eke & Björn Ö.They win music competion Rock-DM the same year.
Eke leaves the band to form Cafe' Öken.
Björn Ö. leaves to form Rebel Action and Tomas & Linkan joins the band.
Parazite makes first demo tape(Broken Love,Stay Around,Deep In Your Eyes) with new singer Tomas who short after leaves the band.
Larsa joins and makes his debut gig with the band at the outdoor stage at Societen,Varberg in the summer.
Parazite records their second demo(Nick Of Time,Teenage Mob,Tragic Magic,Heal My Heart).Andy does the band logo for the tape.
Parazite records Sticky Taste and win Rock-Dm for the second time and reach the finals at Rock-SM.
Parazite plays at the Karsefors Festival,Sweden.
A collection record called En Samlings Platta Ifrån Varberg is released and features the Parazite track:Sticky Taste.
Parazite release the EP:Consider It Done (Live In Pain,A Different Kind Of Living,Cry Baby,Bastard)
Parazite plays at the Karsefors Festival,Sweden
Parazite records 3 demotape( Paranoia Chaos ,Kill You,Uneasy,Confusion)
Parazite change their name to:Livin' Parazite.
In August debut album: Paranoia Chaos is released.
Martin plays on Eucharist album:Mirrorworlds and tour with them in Holland as special guests to:Arch Enemy
In the fall the band goes to Malmö and records their second album.After the record is done the band splits up.
Linkan co/forms Unborn (feat:Daniel Erlandsson of Arch Enemy) .Demos gets recorded but the band shortly after breaks up and Linkan co/forms Zoodrive with old buddy Eke.
Martin plays with Motörhead coverband Ace Of Spades in Stockholm and Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee steps in for Niclas on the song "Overkill".
Larsa,Martin & Niclas join forces with Revegia guitarist Matti Almsenius and start the coverband Beer Belly Boys who makes their first gig on December 11th.
In August Zoodrive (Martin guests on bass at this gig) plays at the first Ulvatorp Festival.
Martin writes & demos the 13 first tracks (The Wolf Inside) for Project:Voodoo with Andy Flash.
The album " Down " is finally released in some european countries.Martin guests on metal band Eternal Lies debut release Spiritual Deception.Parallel Universe gets started featuring Linkan,Martin & Larsa.
In January " Down " is released world wide.
Revengia release debut album A Decade In The Dark album and it features 3 tracks with Martin on bass.
Martin & Larsa makes 15 gigs with Beer Belly Boys.Zoodrive plays on the Ulvatorp Festivals 5th anniversay
On October 8th the Collection record:Revolver-Hard Rock & Metal Edition Volume 2 is released and features Parallel Universe track:Your World Becomes Mine.

That's the story so far...