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For Dushan Petrossi it does matter whether a song is impressive because of the technical virtuosity of the instrumentalist or whether it also has a memorable tune suitable for normal music-lovers. "My compositions are always based on melodies you will remember. The listener should be able to keep the melody in mind, should be able to hum it and not be overpowered by the instrumentation." The interesting thing about this statement is the fact that Petrossi has the reputation of being an excellent guitarist, often described by the music press as being the legitimate heir to the Yngwie Malmsteen throne. But as we already said, for the guitar genius, there is more to a composition than ego manic self-importance. And it is just this that he proves on the second album " Metallic Tragedy " of his band Magic Kingdom, the appearance of which marks five years since the bands suitably named debut work " The Arrival ". It was five years in which Petrossi and Co. had to conquer numerous setbacks, which however did nothing to dampen the energy and overflowing cauldron of ideas of " Metallic Tragedy ".

Besides his activities for Magic Kingdom, Petrossi - when time permits - also works on his solo project, Iron Mask. His priority lies, however, with the band, which is wholly made up of excellent musicians. At this point we should also mention the guest vocalist, Oliver Hartmann. The former frontman of the German Melodic Metal band At Vance is brilliant during two lead vocals spots (..Flying Pyramids.. and ..Master Of Madness..) and also did all the choir parts and background vocals on the album. " The band's style can be best described as ..Symphonic Power Speed Metal... Yet there are definite differences between Magic Kingdom and the general clichees of this genre. "What separates us from other bands of this style is the aggressivity of our songs. We don't just always play an exclusively melodic style. We insert harder passages into our songs. We like to experiment. My primary criteria is originality so it's not important for me whether a song turns out to be of an epic size, or whether it's short." And exactly these criteria are filled on " Metallic Tragedy ". The title track, for example, touches the very borders of the genre in view of both its length and its style. The 13 minute long track is epic and theatrical, has five very different vocal moods, from dark and heavy to soprano and baritone, and can be described as a Metal mini-opera. The overall concept of Magic Kingdom also includes, short, straight tracks, because the overall concept is not permitted to bow down to any limitations. What is permitted, is to do what pleases the band and what the character of the song demands. In keeping with this, Petrossi can lean on his personal favourites and preferences. "As a young musician I was primarily interested in Melodic Metal, then Iron Maiden, Yngwie Malmsteen and Gary Moore were added to my list, but I was always fascinated by history's great composers such as Bach and Vivaldi. I adore baroque music. My aim as a guitarist and composer is to create a new, exclusive sound of my own, based on all these influences.

The cover artwork of this album is from no lesser artist than Leo Hao, who, in the past, has worked for bands such as Iced Earth and Blind Guardian. The album had avery good press reviews around the world ,entered the Burrn charts in Japan at rank 6;lot new fans worlwide.Dushan Petrossi was voted one of the best 2004 guitar player in several mag and web zines around the world.

In 2008,the band is working on their upcoming album'Symphony of War' with new vocalist'Olaf Hayer(Dyonisus,Turilli),the album will also feature once again Oliver Hartmann on all epic choirs.SYMPHONY OF WAR will be the most epic score metal album the band will ever release ;with anthemic choruses and as always great soloing from Dushan,once again with the powerful Magic Kingdom 's traditional neo classical and prog trade mark.