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Mean Streak is a Swedish Heavy Metal act that carries on the legacy of traditional old-school metal. The band was formed in 2009 by Peter Andersson (bass) and Andy La Guerin (vocals), both with solid reputations as musicians and songwriters, and in Peter's case also production. Soon thereafter, drummer Jonas Källsbäck was added to their ranks. In September 2009 the band released their debut album " Metal Slave " through Black Lodge/Sound Pollution in Europe and the US, and in January 2010 the album was released through Bickee Music in Japan. The album has received great reviews all around the world, e.g. 8/10 in Rock Hard (DE) and 89/100 in Japanese metal bible Burrn Magazine, and has also earned loads of airplay, including the Bruce Dickinson show on BBC 6. Right after the release of their debut album, the band recruited lead guitarists Patrik Gardberg (Solution .45, Ammotrack, Divinefire) and David Andersson (Soilwork, Björn Strid), and has spent the last year gigging around Scandinavia, developing into an outstanding live act. With a solid line-up now in place, the band is getting ready to release their second album "Declaration of War" worldwide in January 2011. "Declaration of War" is, just like its predecessor, produced by Peter Andersson and mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman. "Declaration of War" is a heavy metal statement, carved in iron by Peter Andersson/Andy La Guerin, taking the classic NWOBHM sounds from " Metal Slave " one step further, with epic songwriting, breathtaking vocals and a mindblowing twin guitar assault. Mean Streak will spend 2011 touring in support of "Declaration of War", with Japanese dates in January 2011 already confirmed, and European spring/summer dates coming up soon.