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The story begins in the spring of 2006 when Peter Andersson founder of Meanstreak decides that enough is enough, time to write some metal straight from the heart with no other thoughts than making music he truly loves. That music is of course metal with its roots in early/mid eighties. “Rock City” is actually the first song that is written and after finishing the drum programming and the bass/guitars some vocals are needed. This is when Andy La Guerin gets a phone call and the vocal tracks are recorded. The good vibe they get from the song results in a handful of recording sessions with material in the same gender and after a few weeks Andy writes “Carved in Stone”and the snowball is slowly but surely in motion. “The seventh sign” is co-written between the two and a vague idea about forming a real band is slowly shaping. After spending somewhat six month writing and recording songs the guys decide it is time to track down a drummer that is up to the task. An old friend Jonas Kallsback gets the question and the recording of the drums starts. After recording eleven songs, still without a thought of ever send the material to record labels etc the guys are happy with the result and starts to wonder how the sound would be with a different touch of an external producer. Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman is hired for the mixing job and soon enough the album “ Metal Slave ” begins to take form. The band is contacted by a local club and is asked to do a live show, this means two guitar players are needed. Only two weeks before the gig Yngve Frank who has been living and studying out of town for many years is found and installed as second lead guitarist and the line up is complete. After doing a gig at Backstage, a local rock club the owners agrees to pay for the first 500 cd copies and one of the records ends up at the Black Lodge/Sound Pollution office in Stockholm. The band is contacted by Johan Hargeby and is offered a record deal. The birth of a new name in Swedish heavy metal is now in progress, the album “ Metal Slave ” is to be released in the spring of 2009 and new material for a follow up is being written right now. To be continued…