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Hovering the 1999 high school classmates who are experimenting with music, with the passage of time trials for fun was getting increasingly serious, and members. Among the many twists and turns of life, once back in Buenos Aires, Fernando Conde (drummer, who moved to Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, two years), with the firm idea of forming a band, melodiam.

Along with friends like Andrew Notaristefano (guitar) William Mark (bass), Maximiliano Coluccia (guitar), Federico Alegre (keyboards) begin to appear the first songs of the labor themselves Fernando, where he began to frame these terrible trials of people who going to play. And thus were being fixed members of a project called "foreshadowing" at the time.

With no singer and commitment, the musical project suffers a break, giving him foot Ferdinand to compose the entire disc happened to be called "Omens", thus leaving melodiam, Latin melody, as the name of the band he had in mind. Parallel to this, Fernando was playing with "The Rantifusa" a hard rock band, with which for reasons of taste and time availability, but separation gives very good way, maintaining the friendship. But there he met the world of recording, from the hand of Guido Mastrangelo singer of "The rantifusa.

In late 2002, with a bag full of songs and recording with minimal knowledge and the desire to capture all that energy, Federico Alegre (keyboards) lends his house and his computer for recording, and as there was money the battery recorded with the keyboard. With Andrew and Maximilian Notaristefano Coluccia in Guitars, William Mark on bass, melodiam end of their training close to the entrance of Mauro Matteucci, who joined the band for the brother of Fernando, Paul is now Web site designer with Alfredo Gabriel Conde (prime).

They began testing personal problems and Frederick left the band, and followed melodiam Hernán Méndez's hand at the keyboards, with which we had the opportunity to record the batteries of the second album "Dreams" in 2003 in the study of grenadiers. But no story is so simple and the band started to dissolve, but this time more dramatically and totally personal problems between the different members and dedication of each to the project. But after two years playing in places like "red", "Planet Music", Asbury Rock, "" Fluid ", and others, with other more albums, also composed by Fernando Conde," Raid ".

After the separation of melodiam hard in mid-2005, debuting the new home studio of Ferdinand, together with Mauro, recorded about 18 songs that would later in selection in "personal thing".
Over the years and the experience gained after years of playing and testing, Federico Alegre, now current member, login and start again tweaked the songs on "Something Personal", to the entry of Alejandro Nunez, who was professor of Mauro guitar, and would become part of the project. Then Fernando was able to burn the disc of the band parallel Alejandro Núñez "Collision". Once again, and now with keyboardist, singer, guitarist and drummer, but lacked bass. And life's coincidences, in early 2006 is Juan Rojas, a former teammate of UBA from Fernando, who at the crossroads of hours between comments, try out the proposed trial, this was how the training is finally melodiam final.

This time, steps were longer, because in a short time, the band was rehearsing religiously, and advancing the idea of transcending the world of music, and that dream became a goal. And step by step, reset a new Web site, a disc with your design, and a video clip (the ark of the promises "), done as all art with love and dedication.

In late 2006, with Frederick, Alexander and Fernando, pursuing career in recording engineering INARTEC ( have the ability to record what would be " DesangrArte ", an album that brought together songs from " Something Personal ", a brass, and oldest subjects, with the idea of aiming for a more defined, as in" incursion "and" personal thing "does not respect a particular style, and" DesangrArte "is where was intended to define a genre momentarily.

The album " DesangrArte " took half a year of recording, that was recorded in different places, the drums and guitars in INARTEC studies, and the rest in the studio of Ferdinand. And the record time was extended compliments to produce a little more voices, and to be fully produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fernando Conte, and also add guests as a Saxo, violin and bouzouqui that add to the disc a bit pepper.

In 2007 we will continue writing the story of melodiam, always knowing that each member, and will put up its last drop of blood for the music, and trying to give the listener a decent and honest material, resulting in songs that deserve to be heard several times to discover them in their entirety.