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Power Metal - Norway

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Memorized Dreams released their first album " Theater Of Life " in 2004 on Sound Riot Records. The album was mastered by Tommy Newton (Helloween, Kamelot++) The album was a big success in Japan.

After the release the band went through a massive lineup-change, guitarist Kee Jason, drummer Olav Skei, and singer Terje Harøy were replaced by the incredible talents of Ruben Lien, Robert Myrhaug & TJ Cobra. After months of troubles with Sound Riot Records, the band decide to leave the label, in search for a better, and more professional company. Memorized Dreams were back, and better than ever. The new album End Of Innocence was then written, and finally it’s ready to be unleashed to the world!

Now the album is recorded, and the band is looking for a label to release it.