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Having been around since 1991 and now kicking it harder than ever, Mercenary is one of Denmark's most persistent metal acts. After the release of their debut CD " First Breath " from 1998, the band released the internationally acclaimed follow-up CD "Everblack" in 2002 through Hammerheart Records.

Despite dominating trends of either playing extreme metal, with all the familiar clichés of the black/deathmetal scene, or trying to write MTV-friendly NU-metal like Korn and Limp Bizkit, Mercenary sticks to playing their very own blend of metal which is intensely dark and melancholic, yet in-your-face, aggressive and heavy as hell. Their new material displays much more skilled and deliberate songwriting than ever seen before in the bands career, and while keeping the heavy groovy rhythms and the melodic guitar parts, the songs have been cut down in complexity to give place to more essential, purer and focused forms of expression. What the new songs might have lost in technical complexity and inspirational diversity, they have definitely gained in atmospheric intensity and musical honesty. With the release of "Everblack" the future is looking blacker than ever...