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Messiah's Kiss are a true metal flagship with an international line-up, about to embark on their second journey! Unimpressed by short-lived trends, the band are heading straight for the hearts of traditional heavy metal aficionados, proving their resolve once again!

Prayer for the Dying, the debut album by the band whose members stem from Dinslaken/Germany, New York and Nottingham saw the light of day in August 2002 and was greeted with enthusiastic reviews worldwide by the music press, online fanzines and relevant radio shows. Messiah's Kiss' uncompromising declaration of belief in traditional heavy metal was honoured by their fans with a no. 3 position in the Newcomer 2002 category (Rock Hard 03/2003). The 12 tracks on their debut, featuring the band's typical double bass rhythms, clear-cut guitar riffs and straightforward hooks, appeared to have hit a nerve with the true metal community.

"We all grew up with the great Eighties metal acts, mainly Judas Priest and Iron Maiden from the UK and Accept from Germany," drummer Eckhard Ostra points out. "We don't even pretend to try and follow any kinds of trendy fashions which are usually about as short-lived as Flavio Briatore's affairs. We do what we love to do and what we do best: true fuckin' heavy metal! That's how we want you to write it, that's how we want you to hear it."

Following the release of their debut album, Prayer For The Dying , Messiah's Kiss, who have been working together since 2001, embarked on a heavy live schedule. Their successful baptism of fire appearing as opening act at the Wacken Open Air 2002 was followed by an extensive tour of 11 countries supporting Doro Pesch, with the five musicians presenting the fresh, driving, enthusiastic, high-decibel live performance that the audience everywhere appeared to have been waiting for!

It's no surprise that the title of their current offering was settled well before the recordings began: METAL ! The name says it all! 13 uncompromising metal tracks prove in no uncertain terms what the second Messiah's Kiss release is about: “We consciously decided against your standardised, run-of-the-mill mush, opting for pure Marshall power and drums without a trigger system instead. Handmade, honest and dripping with sweat. This album is going to take off with a bang!”

Messiah's Kiss enlisted the production skills of none other than Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot, Nostradamus), who supported the band's philosophy and demanded everything from the musicians at the studio. Songs like 'Road To Exxtasy', 'Uncaging Rebellion' or 'Hell Or Victory' were forged in the band's traditional style and cut at the CK Studio Diemelsee. “Thunder sounds à la maison,” as guitarist Georg Kraft puts it.

Messiah's Kiss venture into new territories with their semi-ballad 'Tears In The Rain', not least thanks to a powerful performance by Bulgarian vocalist Amalia, who makes the track another highlight thanks to her duet with Mike Tirelli. Anthems like ' Metal 'Til We Die' or 'Run And Hide' are true live crackers, alternating with epic numbers like 'The Edge Of Eternity' and 'Blackhawk' and only waiting to be performed in front of an audience.