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The success story of Metalium continues with their highly awaited third studio release "Hero-Nation chapter three". Reaching a new level in both, the lyrical conception story of the Metalian as well as the musical development of the band. After 2 European tours, several Festival appearances and two successful albums behind them, the 4-piece again didn't care about trends of the scene, but still were able to make an impressive step ahead.

This Impact is the result of a natural strengthening process within METALIUM's former foundation, Henning Basse (V), Matthias Lange (G) an Lars Ratz (B) during 3 years of existence, in addition with newly added Michael Ehre on drums.

This line-up is the first in the bands existence all members as songwriters, to create a multi-layered musical journey without loosing the feel for their potential Metal-Hits. Still the Sound is dominated by their typical METALIUM-ingredients such as the strong riffing, solid energy, high instrumental performance as well as Henning Basse's outstanding vocal abilities, which once more underlines his unique class in today's international Metal scene. The balancing of these elements are more exciting then ever before, as for the first time the group also created mid-tempo Groovers for this new output for the first time, in addition to the typical up-tempo speed rockets and sensitive ballads, which became a trademark of METALIUM's sound and still impresses over and over again !

Not to mention the massive production (once more produced by Lars Ratz),which comes with a solid wall of sound to the listener, but still always keeps the transparency alive and breathing space for each instrument.

Also lyrically a concept-story couldn't be more variable and exciting, as the Metalian (already known as the key figure from "Millennium Metal - chapter one" and "State of Triumph - chapter two") travels to several areas of the world, experiencing adventures, tortures or successes of the historical human existence.

his way the HERO's soul lives through a re-incarNATION of most historical figures and reflects the highest dramatic moments of their life time (Metalium calls this moment "HERO-NATION" so the word became the title the record)

The Metalian soul dives into Nero (Italy), El Cid (Spain), Odin (Scandinavia), Jeanne D' Arc (France), Rasputin (Russia), Odysseus (Greece), the Loreley (Germany), experiences the history of the Incas and even will appear as Romeo meeting Juliet in Shakespeare's masterpiece.

The drama features the famous extraordinary award-winning German Soprano Carolin Fortenbacher with her 5 - octave range as "Juliet" which is guaranteed to give you goosebumps, complimenting Henning vocals as "Romeo"

"Hero-Nation chapter three" will be completed by 2 other very special guest appearances. No other than Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, a.o.) is responsible of the tasteful Keyboard-arrangements on this record and Ken Hensley (former-Uriah Heep and writer their biggest Hits) was even able to give a new facet the METALIUM-Sound with his legendary original distorted Hammond-Organ sound.

The high musical quality of this output goes hand in hand with Markus Mayer's amazing artwork and layout of the 20-pages booklet which is simply rare on a Metal-Release nowadays.

"Millennium Metal - chapter one" was the most successful Metal-debut of the year 1999 (Media Control Charts), "State Of Triumph - chapter two" pushed the boarder line 2000 even higher, but "Hero-Nation - chapter three" is METALIUM's masterpiece to date !