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Mr. Ego band was founded in 1995, at Monte Azul Paulista, São Paulo, by the brothers Julio Vieira on the vocals and Paulo André on the bass. The line-up has changed a few times and the band has gained a lot of experience after performing throughout São Paulo (city and country). Mr. Ego became a respectable band by the audience and the specialized press, receiving positive reviews from many websites and Heavy Metal magazines from Brazil and abroad. States like Argentina, USA, Germany, France, Chile, Italy, and many others, accepted the artistic work presented by the band since the debut “ Egocentric ”, which had a Hard Rock style, until the following demos “Strangers”, “Crimson Moon” and “Revolutions” that showed changes to a melodic and progressive genre.

In 2008, that was a new and evolved period of its career, Mr. Ego band released the single “Messenger’s Rage” which meant a preview for its more important work until now: the album “ Mythology ”, based on the Ancient Greek Mythology and its main characters.
After doing a complex survey about the theme, the composers reunited important elements from the Ancient Greek myths, their purposes, and the relation between them and the countries and their people featured by the fantastic and such specified characters.
Besides the thematic saga related on “ Mythology ”, the album also counts on important musicians of the Brazilian Metal scene. Felipe Andreoli - Angra and Almah’s bassist -, shows his talent on the track “Lost Soul” while the singers Rodrigo Carmo (VersOver), Leandro Caçoilo (Ex-Eterna) and Udo Stramm takes part on ”Welcome To Hell", "The Blade Of Truth" and "Messenger’s Rage".

In 2009 the myths of the Ancient Greek will be transported to Brazil through the recent release of the single “The Blade Of Truth” and also by the Mythology Tour that will pass for many cities all over the country.