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Mystic Twilight is an Italian band from Città di Castello in the province of Perugia, created in the year 2007 by Gregorio Chiarioni in order to perform a blend of epic and symphonic metal.

The path seldom mortal goes has been recorded and mixed in the 2008 at the Direct Sound Studio and mastered at Fonoprint in the 2009.

The music, arrangements and lyrics are composed and written by Gregorio Chiarioni with the contribution of the singer Lodovico Rossi, as for some of the vocal lines, and the sound engineer Marco Milli, as for the arrangements and programming.

Line Up:

Lodovico Rossi - Vocals
Giovanni Nardi - Guitars
Danilo Fiorucci - Bass
Gregorio Chiarioni - Keyboards
Niccolo Franchi - Drums