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Power Metal - Russia

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The history of Narwhal Tusk starts back in 2006 when a new vocalist Valentine was invited to join the band. Her voice allowed Dmitry, the founder of the band, to realize his creative concept completely. This concept is obvious from the name of the band: till XIX-th century a narwhal tusk was considered to be a miraculous cure for all diseases. That is the way music should influence internal anguish which each of us carries inside, according to the band's philosophy. Narwhal Tusk is influenced by a broad range of musical styles and genres, like the Gathering's complex vocals and atmospheric soud, Sonata Arctica's melodism, Lake of Tears' harmonies complimented by Metallica's agressive riffs and Estatic Fear's tragic elements. The band does not hesitate to have certain influences from other bands considering it quite natural and doesn't rush on searches of absolute sound eccentricity, while concentrating on the quality and sincerity of their material.

At the moment the band is signed to one of the biggest Russian labels MUSICA Production and their debut album ' In Despair ' is available for purchasing.

Also the band is working hard on the tunes to the upcoming album...