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In less than a year, NEONFLY have gone from playing their first show in November 2008 in St. Albans to:

- Playing festivals in AUSTRIA,
- Supporting POWER QUEST on their last UK tour,
- Having 3 successful European tours, in countries like HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA or BELGIUM, conquering crowds wherever they go.
- Playing at RAISMESFEST in FRANCE with bands like MSG, EPICA, PAIN and AXXIS.

The future looks just as bright, as the band is confirmed as support in the UK for ADAGIO and TO-MERA in October. After that, the band will take some time to concentrate on songwriting for their next studio release.

The band’s commitment to their fans and their music is unquestionable, as they have achieved all this with no support or help from record labels, promotion companies, or management.

NEONFLY thanks their fans for their continued support over the past few months and we hope to see you on the road again soon!

Just like the goddess Athena, born fully armed from the forehead of Zeus after he swallowed her mother, NeonFly was nurtured inside of Frederick Thunder’s mind and born from his head all geared up and ready to be plugged in.

Joined by top musicians Tamas Csemez, Paul Miller, Nick Tingle and Patrick Harrington, with influences ranging from 80's Metal to Progressive Rock a 5 track EP was recorded between the months of February and July 2008 that is guaranteed to take the UK metal scene by storm. The EP also features the guest participation of rock legend Tony Mills from TNT (ex-Shy) doing guest vocals on one of the tracks called “Broken Wings”.

After the recording of the EP Nick left the band, being replaced temporarily by Mauricio Chamucero, who also left shortly after, to be replaced permanently by top metal drummer Boris Le Gal.

NeonFly combines the melodic approach of bands like Helloween, Edguy and Sonata Arctica, with the grandeur of classic bands like Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Van Halen or Iron Maiden, adding progressive touches inspired by bands such as Kansas or Jethro Tull to create a unique, bombastic and powerful sound.

The band’s signature sound is made up of massive choruses, huge orchestral arrangements, scorching guitar riffs, UFO’s in the sky and a touch of humor… Well, maybe more than just a touch…

Ultimately, NeonFly combines the efforts of 5 young and hungry guys ready to tear it up on stage, but don’t take our word for it, come to the shows… THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!