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NEW EDEN was founded in 1993 by guitarist Horacio Colmenares. NEW EDEN came into the scene with the band's, now classic and self-produced EP, "SAVAGE GARDEN" (1994) The E.P. received awesome reviews, soon, Sentinel Steel Records signed NEW EDEN to a record deal, and the result of that signing is the now metal-classic " THROUGH THE MAKE BELIEVE ". (1997) New Eden then metamorphosised and emerged from its metal-cocoon with its NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS release entitled, "OBSCURE MASTER PLAN".(1999) Since then, NEW EDEN has a maintained a strong presence in its home, the Los Angeles area. The band has been invited to such national festivals as THE POWER MAD FESTIVAL (Baltimore, MD), ULTRASOUND FESTIVAL (Las Vegas, NV), THE CLASSIC METAL FESTIVAL (Kalamazoo, MI), BANG YOUR HEAD-Houston (Houston, TX). In the studio, NEW EDEN keeps busy by continuously working on upcoming releases. The band is currently finishing the follow up album to "OBSCURE MASTER PLAN", originally released through Nuclear Blast Records. " STAGNANT PROGRESSION ", is comprised of 10 double-bass drenged compositions, guaranteed to please Metal fans of all ages and genres!