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Nivaira is the name of a legendary fairy of the snow which exists in the Pyrenees, whose beauty is irresistible but from whom just one kiss is deadly. Nivaira began as a two musician band, featuring Diana Alieva on vocals and keyboards, and David Tordera on vocals and guitars. This simple line up performed four gigs, but Dani Ruiz (drums) joined the band when the time came to record the first album, which was called The City (2005). Later on, his brother David Ruiz (bass) and David Tordera’s brother Josep (guitar) joined the band for some gigs in Spain and Finland, as a result of an exchange with the Finnish band Thaurorod. The second album, Desert Child (2009), has been recorded by David and Diana together with their producer Dali Sternisa, in Slovenia. Hopefully, this record will find a record label to release it, and Nivaira will get a line up to play gigs with.