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Northwind was formed in 2000 in France.

It doesn’t happen every day that a French band gets signed by an English label, but in the case of Northwind, that’s exactly what happened earlier this year, when they were added to the roster of Mark Alger’s Z Records.
Key figure of Northwind is guitarist Chris Savourey, who released three solo albums between 1994 and 1998 before he became a member of the band Heavenly. Lead vocalist on his third solo album “Dreamland” was Franck Midoux and in August 2000 they decided to work together again. So, right away Northwind was born. Immediately they began to write new material and by November they finished a demo, containing 3 songs: “Prisoners Of The Past”, “Forever And A Day” and “Wasted In Paradise”. March 2001 saw Savourey leaving Heavenly (with whom he released the album “Coming From The Sky” the year before) in order to concentrate on his own Northwind. In April 2001 Gilles Thiebaut (bass) was added to the line up, followed by Yannick Pierre (drums) and Nicolas Ory (keyboards) during the fall. Immediately rehearsals began and in November Northwind started recording their first album “ Seasons ” with engineer Michel Pazgrat. At the end of January of this year the album was finished and sent to several European labels. Unbelievable but true, two days later Z Records responded in a positive way and within two weeks a record deal was finished.
Only counting 8 tracks, but with a running time of over 48 minutes, “ Seasons ” is a quite good debut album from Savourey and his band mates. A keyboard line followed by a crack of thunder form the intro to the opening title track “ Seasons ”, which is an up-tempo song with high vocals from Midoux and a rather progressive and bombastic sound. Of course you can hear that annoying French accent in Midoux’ voice, but it proves better than expected. “Forever And A Day” doesn’t do much to me, but the intro to “Dreaming” makes me jump to my feet. With its nice melody line and chorus it’s surely one of the better songs on offer. A strong point of Northwind are the intros to most of their songs, which can be proven with tracks like “It’s A Warning”, “Out Of The Fire” and “Wasted In Paradise”. The latter two song show us clearly how functional keyboards can be in the overall sound of a band. A short instrumental track called“Winter” closes the album in a fine way and leaves me behind with a positive feel about this debut album. I can imagine you’re not a fan of French bands, but bury your prejudices and give them a try. Together with the excellent Manigance (NTS) and Silence (MTM Music), they are the furure for France! Un album tr?s agréable!


Stefan Tudela - Vocals (EdenSands)
Chris Savourey - Guitars (Heavenly, Karelia)
Vincent Camachot - Bass
Nicolas Ory - Keyboards
Yannick Pierre - Drums (Deafening Silence (Fra))