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Brazilian Heavy Metal band, Ocean Soul started as a solo project of singer Andrea Pietro. She called singer and composer Renato Tribuzy to write some songs using several lyrics she wrote, and then, CD “Letter of a Suicidal” was born. The album was released in november, 2006.

Then, Andrea started looking for musicians to join her in a band. Today, Ocean Soul is formed by Igor Thurler (bass), Daniel Larqué (guitar), André Schneider (drums) and the guest musician Pedro Mota (guitar, from the band Heavenfalls), and Andrea herself taking the lead vocals.

In June of 2007, bass player Igor Thurler had to leave the band, due to several professional commitments, being replaced by Cesar Castro, who also plays on the bands Havora and Loud Society.

Ocean Soul is just a reunion of people who still believe in the power of pure Heavy Metal, without pre-definitions, just a very heavy and loud music to make people bang their heads with all their souls!!