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MAGNA OPERA was created during the summer of 1997 by Henry F. Mompó and Javier None. Since that time, until the summer of 2000, E. Mompó and F.J. were plunged fully into the writing process of the album 'The Last Knight. " Once they had finished with the composition of songs, dedicated their efforts to find suitable musicians to play songs and record them.

The first to join the group was Fernando Asensi (drums / producer), who had extensive musical experience. Fernando soon became, because of their musical and personal affinity with Quique and FJ, and final part, by that time, even project OPERA MAGNA.

In 2001, OPERA MAGNA, found the bass player who had so long been looking for: Alejandro Penella.

The next to join the group after a long selection process was the vocalist Paul Solano, who had previously collaborated in other musical projects with Fernando Asensi.

With this training, OPERA MAGNA recorded a demo with three songs from the disc (Horizons of Glory, Land of torment and blood of the enemy) and an adapted version of the classic 80's Bonnie Tyler "Holding out for a hero ' .

In late 2004, Jose Vicente Broseta (ex-Ethereal) took over from Paul on vocals. he will be the final MAGNA OPERA singer in the band's first album 'The last knight' (album which includes songs from the demo).

After recording the album, leaving the battery Fernando Asensi to devote solely to his work group's sound engineer in studio and live. Will Adrian Romero, training from the former Valencia "Maelstorm" who replaces Fernando as drummer.

Later, Ruben Casas, Adrian Maelstorm mate, would like Magna Opera keyboardist, completing the line-up today.