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The biography of the band is as long as the introduction of every musician playing in Oracle Sun. That's because we are dealing here with a debut album and besides that with five musicians who are/were active in other bands for a long time. Suddenly they felt the need to make music together and out of this intention Oracle Sun was born.

This debut ' Deep Inside ' does sound very professional indeed. Let's have a look who is involved.

Val Shieldon (Silent Scream, Sigma) has a quite high, clear voice loaded with power and theatrical feeling. He mostly reminds me of Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), but with more Italian pathos, for we are talking about an Italian band here. Guitarist Emy Manuguerra (Angel Grace) seems to me a pivotal member, he profiles himself on this album as a guitarist with a breathtaking speed. Keyboardist Fabrizio Marnik (Seven Gates) has more a supporting role in the music. Bassist Allessandro Cola learned the tricks of the job in Mandragora Scream. If I remember well they once played supporting Katatonia and that was a strange combination. Most impressive past comes from drummer Frank Andiver who played drums on the first three albums of Labyrinth, an Italian melodic power metal band who harvested some success abroad too. It is a casual conclusion to say that the music of Oracle Sun has some resemblances with Labyrinth, but it really has. In the case of Oracle Sun the music can be labelled as power metal with progressive influences.

The first part of ' Deep Inside ' suffers, like I said before, a bit of overacting and excessive speed, and there are huge penalties on that these days. Of course, this is only a joke, but it is only in the fifth song 'Everlasting' that they slacken speed for a moment and Val sings lower here. That's better. The latter part of the album offers the finest moments: the ballad 'Your Eyes Again', the instrumental 'Riding The Sun' and occluding track 'Stone Angel'. Of course, if you only get a kick out of speedy, vertiginous songs, it is the other way about.

' Deep Inside ' is an album which needs more spins. The first times you just get flummoxed and soon satiated with the everlasting staccato rhythms and double bass drums used every moment with no mercy. It is hectic, plentiful music you have to take the time for. That is why a comparison with Vision Divine and Stratovarius is suitable. Visine Divine indeed is the band of another former member of Labyrinth, particularly guitarist Olaf Thorsen. Yet the compositions of Oracle Sun are just a bit less well, but that is a thing they can work on at next albums. Metal fans who have a liking for above mentioned bands, should have a listen to ' Deep Inside '.
(author: "Vera")