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The multidimensional heavy metal band OUT OF THE LAIR was founded on September of 1995, by Spyros (guitar - vocals), Dionysis Nikolaidis (Drums), John Ayiub (guitar) and Nikos Fronimos (bass) in Thessaloniki, Greece, under the name WOLVERINE. They recorded the first promo tape, on November of 1995. In October of 1996 George Kantzios replaced Nikos Fronimos on bass and in the beginning of 1998 the guitarist John Ayiub left the band and was replaced by Haris Bournazos, ex-Pandemonium, since 2000. In March 2000 the band was renamed to OUT OF THE LAIR and was formed by Spyros, George and Dionysis, performing many gigs and spending many hours rehearsing. One year later they entered AnoKato Studio to record two tracks. Those tracks constitute the soundtrack of Erevos PC Game, released and distributed by Genadios, in November 2001. Since February 2002 the guitarist Dim (ex-Desertomen, Transcending Bizarre?) has joined OUT OF THE LAIR. After Dim's addition many big gigs took place, with bands like RIOT, HELLOWEEN, CANDLEMASS, NEVERMORE, SENTENCED, ROTTING CHRIST, EVERGREY, ON THORNS I LAY, HORIZON'S END and more, winning the crowd and getting some really nice reviews. On February 2006 Dionysis left the band (for some personal) reasons and was replaced by Bill Mitsaris.

On January of 2003 OUT OF THE LAIR entered the ROCK SOUND STUDIOS (Exhumation, Homo Iratus, Into The Gore, Nemesis) to record their first official self-financed album named " PSYCHOTEARS ". The album is produced and mixed by OUT OF THE LAIR and George Prigos (Less than Human, Homo Iratus, Into The Gore) and mastered at Mix Studios, by Fotis Demertzis (Homo Iratus, Psycho Choke, Disembowel). Nine powerful songs are included plus multimedia presentation for PC, consisted by band & contact info, biography, photos, videos, lyrics, logos etc, also featuring Sakis Tolis from ROTTING CHRIST on back vox of 2 tracks. This debut album has been released in the Fall of 2003 for promotional reasons only. After some good reviews and discussion with many record companies, OUT OF THE LAIR inked with DEAD SUN RECORDS from France. The album has been released worldwide in the dawn of 2006.