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Formerly known as Satan, this Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England band became Pariah in 1988, feeling that their original name may have led to misconceptions concerning their style. They were never a true black-metal outfit, as their original moniker suggested, but were instead part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene. Pariah comprised Michael Jackson (vocals), Steve Ramsey (b. 8 July 1964, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England; guitar), Russ Tippins (guitar), Graeme English (b. 4 November 1963, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England; bass) and Sean Taylor (drums). Their first album was The Kindred in 1988, an album of hard, fast metal, characterized by the dual guitar onslaught of Ramsey and Tippins. Following Blaze Of Obscurity, Jackson quit and was replaced by Mark Allen, but there was no further significant progress in their career. Ramsey and English went on to join Martin Walkyier in Skyclad.

Along with Demon, Pariah seemed doomed to pass into history as one of the most talented metal acts of their generation to be lost to obscurity, save for mentions in reference books. It was a pleasant surprise when Ramsey, English and Tippins reunited in 1997, with new members Alan Hunter (vocals) and Ian McCormack (drums), to record the studio album Unity .