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Pertness is the name of two voices, two guitares, a bass and a set of drums, that enrich the highlands of Bern with their straight and soundful heavy metal music. The bandmembers play together since 1994, they distinguish themselves not only by their sing-along texts, their exact riffs but also by their exceptional rhythm.

Through the website “PERTNESS” has sold over 2000 copies of their Demo CD which they produced in 1998, the CD was even sold oversees. It was  firstclass, quick, rhythmic power-metal songs, such as “Heavy Metal”, “Rising Sun” and “Symphonie of Death” that made Pertness the accompanying band of well known bands such as “Savatage, Metal Church, Warhead, Shakra, Crysral Ball, Spiral Tower and Excelsis”.

The long wished for CD had to wait, school, university and other conditions first needed to be completed so the music fell into the background. Nevertheless the four continued to work on their dream of their own recording studio. The production is finally here to be seen and heard. It is the CD that was produced in 2005 / 2006: Seven Times Eternity . The title can almost be seen as a prophecy because now the guys are here and they are here to stay!