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PHANTOM-X originally started out as a group of hard-rockin’ musicians from the Dallas, Texas music scene handpicked by local Rock Radio DJ, ROBERT MIGUEL, to become a RONNIE JAMES DIO tribute band. So, the band was initially formed just for fun. Little did they know just how things would take shape and how quickly PHANTOM-X would grow into recording artists and a sought after live act. Although, having fun still remains a very important requirement for PHANTOM-X.

PHANTOM-X features KEVIN GOOCHER, the charismatic vocalist, who also sings with OMEN. KEVIN needed to explore his own musical horizons with PHANTOM-X and wanted a more active band with which he could tour and record outside of the OMEN format. Along with KEVIN is guitarist, ERIC KNUDSON who comes from a band called DEJA VU. ERIC brings a pure-mayhem brand of classic metal guitar playing to PHANTOM-X and is a madman on the guitar fret-board as well as the stage. Bassist GLENN MALICKI was formerly with STRANGERS and carries the low end for PHANTOM-X with power and with finesse. He is a genius at creating the flow within a song yet adding masterful bass licks that compliment every phrase of each song. Last but not least, drummer DANNY WHITE came over from a band called ASKA, and is the backbone to the beast known as PHANTOM-X. His solid beats, inventive tom fills and bombastic double kick drum work, drive the band and their musical fury. All in all, PHANTOM-X is a metal unit anchored in the classic overtones that made heavy metal music a great genre in the first place and they’re sound is ironically fresh compared to most of what is being churned out in the metal music marketplace.

STERLING WINFIELD, who is well known for his work with PANTERA, KING DIAMOND and DAMAGEPLAN, produced RISE OF THE PHANTOM , the debut PHANTOM-X album that was released in November of 2005. PHANTOM-X joined ANVIL for a tour of Europe in support of the album, while later that year, and during the first half of 2006, they toured in the USA, often with fellow Texan JAMES RIVERA’S HELSTAR.

In the spring of 2006 they camped out at the NOMAD RECORDING STUDIOS, in Dallas, Texas, and assisted by J.T. LONGORIA, recorded their follow-up album, STORM RIDERS . STERLING WINFIELD was called in to engineer and supervise the recording of DANNY’S thunderous drums. STORM RIDERS is metal in its purest form: immense fun, totally unpretentious and thoroughly addictive! PHANTOM-X will also return to Europe for a September tour with label-mates HYADES, and OMEN, which will take them to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy and Switzerland.