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In 2003, "brothers" Charles and Matthew Greywolf, who had been playing together for years, decided to create a band, and this is how Powerwolf started. Soon the "brothers" added French drummer Stéfane Funèbre and German keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel to the band, but couldn't find a suitable singer to complete Powerwolf. In the meantime, the band started writing, and on holidays in Romania, Charles and Matthew met Attila Dorn. Dorn, who studied Classical Opera at the Music Academy of Bucharest, became the ideal frontman of Powerwolf. With Dorn's love of Romanian werewolf legends, the band created their debut album, Return in Bloodred, which used these same legends as the basis of a lot of the lyrics. In 2007 they followed up with their second album, Lupus Dei, a concept album starring a wolf as the main character and his fall from bloodlust to enlightenment.

A new album entitled, Bible of the Beast, is set for release on April 24th, 2009.