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PRIVATEER was founded in July 2005 in Cracow, by the bass player and composer Andrzej "Skorgan' Pichlinski  and manager Łukasz „Kramer” Kramarski.

The original line-up included:
Andrzej "Skorgan" Pichlinski (bass, backing vocals), Szymon "Pudel" Kostro (vocal), Tomasz "Hannibal" Bator (guitars), Daniel Kesler (guitars), Slawomir Kramarski (keys), Xen (drums) .

Only two months after the band's founding, Privateer published independedly their first single, "Monolith". The recording was received enthusiastically in the underground, which encouraged the band to work on a full-lenght album.
In the same year (2005) Privateer began cooperation with the Absinthia Management concert agency. Since the beginning of 2006 the band toured extensively, joining Sorcerer and Archeon (Made of Hate) in February for the "Winter Metal Tour 2006”.

In spring 2006 " The Traitors ", Privateer's debut LP was recorded. The album received positive reviews both in Poland and abroad, gaining the band many new fans. All this resulted in record deal proposals from foreign labels. The band decided to sign a one-album contract with a German publisher, STF Records. The deal guaranteed promotion and distribution of " The Traitors " in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

In the meantime, Privateer won a few Polish festivals (1st prize during the Cracow Music Festival, 1st prize during the Mayday Rock Festival in Glogów). Shortly afterwards Privateer took part in the "Cracow Invasion" mini-tour alongside Witchking. The tour included dates in Poland and Slovakia.
In spring 2007 Privateer joined the Swedish band Sabaton for the "Metalizing Europe Tour" - these were the last concerts played in the original line-up.

When Skorgan and Kramer decided to leave Cracow and move to Warsaw, some of the band members decided they weren't ready to take on such a challenge. Tomasz Bator (guitar) and Jan “Xen” Gabrys (drums) left Privateer and new musicians joined in: Grzegorz „Eliminator” Olejnik (Hellfire) on the drums and a young, tallented guitarist Adrian Okarski as a replacement for Tomek Bator.

The vocal duties also went to a new member - Marcin „Merot” Maliszewski known from The Black Horsemen and the popular TV programme "Szansa na sukces”, where he famously performed Stan Borys' song "Jaskólka".
The refreshed, fully professional line-up recorded the band's second single, "Origami". The song foreshadows Privateer's second album, "The Last Journey".
Soon after the single was released, new concert proposals appeared.

At the beginning of 2008 Privateer headlined the Privateer/TRF Tour. The shows were opened by the German band To Resist Fatality. The tour included 10 dates in Germany and Poland, with stops in Berlin, Wroclaw, Goethingen, Clarholz and Bielsko-Biala.

On 3rd August 2008 Privateer supported Cynic during their only Polish concert in Progresja in Warsaw.
In October the band supported Sabaton during two shows in Warsaw and Cracow.
During September/October, Privateer's vocalist took the part in the Tv show Star Academy.

On December 2008 Privateer supported Lizzy Borden on their only one concert in Poland, in this time a new drummer Amadeusz Krebs joined to the band.

Currently, Privateer is working on the aforementioned second LP.