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ReinXeed is a Symphonic, OST inspired Melodic Power Metal band from the north of Sweden. From the start it was a one-man project by Tommy Johansson, who's playing all the instruments on the recordings and does all the vocals as well. Now there are 4 members of ReinXeed for live gigs and future recordings... There is a earlier ReinXeed from 2004, but that has nothing to do with the present lineup or the music. The old website, has nothing to do with this ReinXeed! ReinXeed have only realesed 1 album, " The Light " but no EPs! There is a second album coming later this year, called " Higher " with more energi and more Power! The Album " The Light " was realesed 12/3-08 in Japan. " The Light " and second album " Higher " is now realesed in the rest of the world and will be able to buy at your local record store! Third Album " Majestic " is completed and will be released very soon...