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Since its formation in Berlin, Germany during 2002, the band has merged these qualities to produce a modern sound that pays homage to the past. A wide spectrum of musical influences leads to an independent, diversified result - as proven by the demo released in their first year. Produced by the band and mixed by Skew Siskin bass player Spray, the record was a retrospective of the first year's accomplishments which found its way into more than 400 homes.

"We have developed", says the band today, "and that is our claim - advancement".
It can be seen at their live shows. The band unleashes its energy - generated by determination, showmanship and individual class - into a powerful musical entity.

To convey this energy and to document their progress, the band took the next step. In Summer 2004, the 5-track EP "Nature's Foul Child" was produced in Berlin's Monongo Studio with Jim Voxx (Skew Siskin, Jingo de Lunch, Lemmy Kilmister) and mastered by Tom Muller at TTM. The final product shows the band's ability to find the balance between aggression and melody and to present it concisely. This is emphasised by lyrics from a critical standpoint that challenge you to read between the lines.

Ongoing live performances will and already have supported "Nature's Foul Child", which results in a constantly growing fanbase. Since its release, Respawn played more than twenty shows. Included are a german mini-tour, several dates with the polish Thrashers Horrorscope and events with bands like Destruction, Raise Hell, Centinex, Thyrfing, Golem, Gardens of Gehennah or Agent Steel. In order to take the continuous process into account and to use the creative potential the most effective way possible, the band's is constantly working on new song material.

Through the combination of these aspects, the band has established the name RESPAWN as quality guarantor and has built the foundation for its further development. A development whose end cannot be seen.

Respawn - Berlin, Germany 2005


Shumon Chakrabarti - Drums
Clemens Glombitza - Bass
Eddie Mond - Guitar
Matthias Busch - Guitar
Roland Peters - Vocals