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Sacred Oath was originally formed in 1985 in Bethel Connecticut by founding members Rob Thorne (vocals/guitar),Pete Altieri (bass), and eventually Kenny Evans (drums), and Glen Cruciani (guitar). They began to write their own brand of spooky power metal right away with songs like The Ferryman's Lair, Battle Cry, and Prophecy. The original demo caught on quickly with metalheads across the state, selling hundreds of copies. Further developing their fan base and unique sound through self-produced concerts, the band quickly entered Trod Nossel Studios to record a 5-song demo entitled "Shadow Out of Time". They also published their own newsletter called "Thrash Inc" which was later changed to "Invocation" and was mailed out to hundreds of metal heads every month. All this while the members of the band were still in high school. Soon after the release of "Shadow Out of Time" the band was signed to metal indie label Mercenary Records and did some regional touring of the east coast and midwest. They entered the studio and recorded the now classic " A Crystal Vision ". Soon after signing with Mercenary, the Oath enjoyed playing with Fates Warning at the conclusion of their "Awaken The Guardian" tour. The debut album was released on vinyl and cassette in 1987 and later it was released on CD in 1988. Unfortunately the band broke up in December 1988 and didn't play together again until re-entering the studio 10 years later in 1998 to record "A Crystal Revision." With the help of Sentinel Steel Records, some of the new material was released alongside a re-issue of the original recordings in 2001. Despite decades of struggle with a failed record label, poor distribution, and fragmentation of the band, Sacred Oath still managed to garner cult status in the metal netherworld through their enthusiastic and devoted fans worldwide. In the summer of 2005, the band entered the studio for a fifth time to record a new album of material. 10 new songs were finished in July 2006 which then released in April 2007. A promo mix of the song Darkness Visible was released on the Heavycore complilation CD "Core Til Death IV" in 2006 and has re-ignited a spark in the metal underworld for Sacred Oath. The band played a 'comeback' show at The Empress Ballroom in Connecticut in December 2006 and have been non-stop.

After wordwide success with Darkness Visible and a high-energy European tour, the band is back in the Studio writing a new album. Scott Waite has also joined the band as new bassist in replacement of Lou Liotta. 'Till Death Do Us Part will be released in Europe on October 24th 2008. Sacred Oath is currently recording a new studio album for a Spring 2009 release and intends to tour extensively through Europe and America to support it.