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Known for his work and composition in 'Redstains' and having gone through an early successful project called Vyruz back in the late 90ies, guitarist Alex S started 'Scar for Life' in 2008.

Now a new venture sees the light of day: melodic rock/ metal act Scar For Life. Creating songs from the most vitriolic, groovy assaults to soft acoustic pieces, this project seems to embrace all the influences that make it emotional and powerful. Always with a penchant for memorable hooks and vocal melodies. Alex S (compositions, guitar, bass) picked Rez (NSPerfect) for singing duties, a soulful rock singer with a unique delivery. On session drumming will be omnipresent Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System, etc), who nowadays needs no further presentation. Additionally, Dinho (New Mechanica; former Redstains singer) was invited for some of the more aggressive vocal parts.

The debut “Scar For Life” full-length release was scheduled for a June/ July recording at UltraSoundSystem studio facilities, with Daniel Cardoso as mixer, while main guitars, bass and vocals will be captured at Alex’s own studio. Making great use of the acoustic guitar, the tracks don’t shy away form lengthiness, taking their time to progress and explore, like small, untimely voyages. According to the founder, each track is like a recollection of something that was already lived, a sound memory. Ethereal, melancholy, deep and touching, vehicled in a varied and layered taste, yet always intertwined with a strong heavy–riff drive, hard indeed it will be not to be scarred by this adventurous new project.