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The world is there to tackle them. The sencirow have, despite their young age, long understood. Bands like Iron Maiden, they have them as well. At least Mr. Nico McBrain has been quite astonished than he at a concert in Vienna suddenly a promo CD sailed around the face is: sencirow stands out. Thrown onto stage from somewhere in the front row. "Cool" you can read in his eyes and then he responds with an outstretched thumb. While other newcomers to sit around and dream to become an overnight legend from Siegen, have really been working hard. Much blood, sweat and tears have been shed in the time since its founding in 1996 - somewhere in a small rehearsal room in camera. There have sencirow Sencirow to work on themselves and their personality as a band. Hart, purposefully and without compromise they've been working. And in between, as they have been out to the concerts of their heroes and throwing promo CDs on the man. An unusual way to promote themselves, but just because a very modern and progressive. "Dream Space" is the first self-produced results after three years of "bloody-finger playing. It is a first result, a first step, which is rewarded with good reviews and lots of experience. "Crown Of Creation" is followed by a second in-house production. From that moment on the band's direction bearings. The name gets around, step by step, the band finally reaped thanks to good performances from a variety of appearances including Doro and Grave Digger. And there you know all the tricks to convince. All the energy that has accumulated over the years in the rehearsal room, all the hunger for live audience seems to explode on that day. Coupled with its experience and of the property to act purposefully to dream instead, it manages the band as well as to pocket a record deal with AFM Records. The way sencirow's to above is sealed. Sencirow him have worked hard and with determination and are now ready to learn to fear their competition: full of energy, corners, edges, and yet exactly the right cut waiting for men with " Perception Of Fear on. A powerful, vicious metal album in the vein of Morgana Lefay. And again sencirow have it wasted valuable time, but determined everything himself initiated, from songwriting to production and final mastering handles are on " Perception Of Fear " by a self-consciousness, in which a Band Director has led to know exactly what they want: tackle attack, the top! Both by snappy Banger "Burn It Down", the violent-hearty grooving anthem "Connection Of Evil", the waiting (after) exploding "Fear" or the slightly mystical supporting "Keeper Of Souls" - the band here with a very sophisticated, on complex album, which will provide the same degree of goose bumps as well as for headbanging fever. A fresh plant with depth, which has outgrown the Heavy Metal sound, without relying on his usual, clichés. Fear or fear not - but here is a newcomer on the march, with heads of the nails makes!