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1999-2000 THE BIRTH : “DEMO 1999” and “ DEMO 2000
The band was formed in Firenze on March 1999 by ex-members of italian Bon Jovi cover band and a new drummer,Paolo Baroni; few months later Max Carrai joins the band as singer and the band start doing live sessions,after the recordings of the very first demo (only cover songs). The band plays live shows in Firenze and Tuscany,playing Helloween ,Gamma Ray,Stratovarius,Labyrinth,Malmsteen,Iron Maiden,Manowar covers.Beside to the live side,the band starts composing its first own tracks. During August 2000,after a friendly split with Max,the band finds another singerSeven Gates, Federico Puleri,and so the line up is soon ready with Fabrizio Marnica as keyboard player. On the same month the band records “ Demo 2000 ” and starts new live shows with the new line-up.

2001-2002 : “ UNREALITY
New songs come out while the band keep doing other live shows,and the band also start to contacts the record labels (Underground symphony and Megahard). On January 2001,the band signs with Megahard Records (a one cd deal,2nd cd optional)Seven Gates, and starts to work on the new songs,stopping the live shows. On October/November 2001 the recordings of debut cd “ Unreality ” come to an end.The cd was recorded,mixed and mastered at the famous Zenith Studios by Frank Andiver. The Album is out in South America,Japan,Europe in April 2002 ,under “Prw” distribution,in Italy on November 2002,distribuited by “Self”. On February 2002 the band record a Sword cover for the Sword tribute cd,produced by Rising Works and Underground Symphony. On October 2002 the split with the singer Federico Puleri.The band finds in Cesare Capaccioni the new singer. On the first months in 2003,the band starts a mini-tour for the promotion of the cd: 7 shows and the “L'urlo del drago” Festival in Trento,where SevenGates are co-headliners.

2003 : “PROMO 2003”
During the summer 2003 SevenGates get ready for their 2nd cd,but they split from their label MegaHard : the distance (Italy and Brasil) was the main reason for this split. For “legal” causes,the band publish a mini cd (“Promo 2003”) with 2 new tracks and 2 live tracks from Unreality .

2004-2007 “The Good and the Evil”
On April 2004 SevenGates have the honour to play live with Blaze Bailey (ex-Iron Maiden) 2 tracks from his albums recorded with Iron Maiden; this is also the last show with Paolo Baroni as drummer of the band; the cause of the split is the misunderstaning of Paolo and the rest of the band formed since the begininng of the band.
Now a new chapter of the story of the band starts : Lorenzo Innocenti joins the band as new drummer,learning quickly the setlist of SevenGates. The pre-production of the new cd starts on September 2004 at the Zenith Studios by Frank Andiver,and on November 2004 the official recordings start for the new cd. The band must call back Federico Puleri on vocals for the recordings ,for Cesare has many personal problems during those times. The new album recordings finish on April 2005. In the meanwhile the band split with bassist Simone Vermigli,and Cristian Schiavone is the new bass player. On December 2005 the band sign with italian “Adreanaline Records”,but the label does not respect the pubishing date (June 2006),so the deal is cancelled. SevenGates refuse all other record deal ,for each one need a money contribution for the press of the cd. SevenGates refuse this conditions for a deal.Not as many other bands do. Beside to this,for no band's fault, autoproduction of the cd and another record deal crash.

2007-2008 : “BETRAYER”
The band starts the composition of the new songs for the 3rd cd (“Betrayer”) and starts the recordings in 2007. On March 2008 the recordings are finished,except for the vocal parts. In the meanwhile the band get back in good contacts with Frank Andiver,and after getting light on some past misunderstandings (due to the stress everyone had in the time after the ending of the recordings),the band has the authorization to publish totally free online the 2nd cd “The Good and the Evil”.

May 2008
The band is working to the publishing of “The Good and the Evil” and the recordings of “Betrayer”,3rd cd of the band.