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Seven Thorns was formed in 1998 by drummer Lars Borup and guitarist Jes „Dr.No‟. The idea was to write and play melodic metal like Helloween, Accept and Gamma Ray. As so many other bands in the early phase, numerous auditions were held without finding the right people. In 2000 Dr. No wanted to pursue other dreams. Lars continued the search for band members, and in late 2002 he met guitarist Jesper Munk (Munk).

The Early Years:
They connected well and in February 2003 they had gathered what would become the first functional line-up of Seven Thorns. However this line-up held for only 3 weeks. One month later keyboard player Pil joined Lars and Munk. She was a 17 year old girl and she played fantastic. In late April 2003 Mik Holm decided that he would apply for the position as vocalist in Seven Thorns and he showed up for his first audition ever and was approved by the 3 members and it wasn't long before Mik more or less took over the part of writing the music. It's in this period the song "Metal Will Show You the Way" was written.

In June 2003 the band found themselves without a rehearsal studio and that made Pil and Mik decide to leave the band. Munk and Lars continued their search for members, and had a single rehearsal with Iron Fire who, at that time, was looking for a drummer and a guitarist.

The First Full Line-up:
After finding a new rehearsal studio they hooked up with Tommy Strauss of the legendary Danish speed metal band Evil. Although Tommy was mainly a guitarist, he took on the part as a bass player. Lars decided that it might be a good idea to try to get Mik back in the band and soon Mik was again to be found in Seven Thorns. In October 2004 the band was contacted by guitarist Peter Falk who joined the band and brought keyboard player Niels Artur Meinhild with him. This was the first full line-up, consisting of drums, 2x guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals. New songs were written by Mik - one of them being "Artificial Night".

Artificial Night:
The first release from Seven Thorns was the single Artificial Night which consists of "Artificial Night" and "Metal Will Show You the Way", both 7:40. It was decided that these tracks were to be recorded at Borsing Studios, located in Aarhus, Denmark. The newcomers in the band had been there with another band and knew the guy who ran the studio. A week before the band left for Aarhus they played their first gig. Nothing fancy, just a stage at a local school.

During the recordings it was decided that another vocalist was needed to finish the production. This made Mik leave the band and the search for a vocalist was initiated. After a few months a connection was made with a musical-singer who was selected to finish the vocals and in May 2005 the single was released to the world. It is not often that a debut single gets so much attention as Artificial Night got. The single was nominated for a Danish Metal Award in 2005 and was selected to represent Denmark in the 4th Unofficial Eurovision Heavy Metal Contest. And soon after they received a mail telling them that Seven Thorns had won the contest!

Artificial Night has received numerous international top ratings and reviews.

The first album:

The time had come to start working on material for a full length album. The band changed from „Seven Thorns‟ to „7thorns‟, and a few other gigs were played. One of the gigs being a 2 day tour with the two German bands Gun Barrel and Eternal Reign. In November 2005 the band supported the legendary Canadian heavy metal band Anvil.

During this period, songs for the first album was written and prepared for recording in April 2006 in Stone Lab Studio. The album was recorded by Steen Mogensen (Ex-Royal Hunt, Cornerstone), mixed by Peter Brander in Media Sound Studios and mastered by Andy Horn, Red Room. The album was named Glow of Dawn, but is known today as "The False Album" due to incidents that happened right after its completion.

The legal issue:
In January 2007 Lars found himself alone in the band as Peter and the musical singer decided to steal the band from him and continue in another direction. Not willing to accept somebody taking over what he had been working on for 11 years, Lars sued them. The legal battle took almost 2 years and today all the rights belongs to Lars, the founder.

A new era:

Lars had a talk with Mik a few months before the incident about getting back together and make true power metal. The reunion came the day after the break-up with the others, and they made a deal that they would be the core of the new Seven Thorns (they decided to go back to the original spelling to show that the band had changed back to its original style). The first new member was guitarist C.C., but after 6 months it became obvious that the musical directions within the band could not be combined and he left. That was just after the brilliant and equilibristic guitartalent Gabriel Tuxen was accepted as guitarist. Gabriel brought in the very talented Christian Balslev Strøjer as the second guitarist shortly after.

Gabriel and Christian have fantastic musical ears and performs the most awesome soloes.

Only week after Nicolaj Marker joined the band as the new bassplayer. Nicolaj plays a solid bass and by being a cool and laid back person he fits perfectly into the band…

Forest Majesty:

A plan was made and in only 3 months the new line-up was ready to go into Media Sound Studios to record their first single, Forest Majesty - the first release from Seven Thorns in 2½ years.

Knowing that only the best was good enough, Mik suggested finding a vocalist who could give the music the voice that it deserved. After a short time the search stopped when they got in touch with Erik "EZ" Blomkvist, a Swedish vocalist who had recorded several albums with the band Platitude, but since the band hadn't been active for a long time, he was more than ready to come back and sing true power metal.

Lars had come in contact with a keyboard player named Mikkel Henderson via MySpace. It later turned out that he actually lived in the same town as Lars, and they enjoyed the same high quality beer served in the local pub. It's a small world…

And the result was even better than the band had hoped for.

Return To The Past :

The new line-up is much more homogenous than ever before and the creative process is running smoothly. The positive spirit is back, which is obvious when you listen to the new album Return To The Past. Seven Thorns returned to Media Sound Studios and Peter Brander to record and mix the 9 tracks for the album. Being recorded over a period of 12 months and mixed in 10 days the result is a strong and powerful album where details have been nurtured and polished giving the final result exactly the sound that Lars has always wanted Seven Thorns to have. And luckily the rest of the band Mik, Gabriel, Christian, Nicolaj and Asger, also found the result living up to their highest expectations.

Asger - being the latest addition on keyboards - is a classmate of Gabriel's. Being a fan of power metal as well he was more than happy to audition for the position as keyboardist in December 2009, only 40 days before playing a gig in Roskilde. He had heard Seven Thorns open for acclaimed Norwegian vocalist Jorn Lande (Avantasia, Masterplan) in Copenhagen in November 2009 and was ready to prove his worth. At the concert in Roskilde he was to be found on stage with the rest of the band, delivering an astonishing performance that without a doubt ensured his continuance as the keyboard player in Seven Thorns.

After the album was mixed by Peter Brander and Seven Thorns it was sent to legendary Tommy Hansen, world famous for his work with German power metal pioneers Helloween - especially the classic masterpieces Keeper Of The Seven Keys pt. 1 and 2.

Seven Thorns was offered numerous deals for the release of the album and eventually ended up signing a deal with Nightmare Records in USA.