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2004 ...After 15 years together, Max leaves the band couse personal motivations bring him to take this decision. There wont be (for now) a replacement of him. New historical page for the band that leave to Frank the entaire guitar job.

2003: Now " Win Or Lose " is on the market, and you are able to listen to the new masterpiece in the Italian Metal History.

2002 : At the beginning of the year, they started composing for the new album inspired by the classical novel "I promessi sposi", by the famous Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni. Unfortunately Val Shieldon had to leave Sigma for personal reasons and it marked the beginning of the band's long quest for a new singer who was good enough to interpret with the right feeling all the emotion that emanates from their music. They met Anthony Pecere who sang in some bands of the Milan rock-metal-prog scene. Sigma was conquered by Anthony's voice, perfectly suited to heavy-metal, and his hard working mso-ansi-languagattitude. His voice gave the supreme touch to the songs during the recording of the new album that started in September. The band decided to produce their work themselves at the Love Music Center in Milan

2001 : The year was devoted to concerts. "Tour of the Kings" were their first dates as support band for the famous Italian band Labyrinth. In June Sigma opened for the Gods of Metal festival, a challenge for the band who won it hands down in front of a very warm and receptive audience. Until the end of the year, Sigma continued to give different gigs in different places throughout Italy.

2000 : The recording sessions were fast and the album was ready in January. A demo version of 4 songs was presented at the Midem meeting in Cannes in France and was given a lot of attention by the Metal music scene. The album was released in June for Italy and July for the rest of the distribution, and was very well received by the press who saw Sigma as the new hope of the Power Metal scene in Italy. They played in the autumn as support band for Vision Divine and later as headliner of an Italian tour with local support bands.

1999 : The vocalist Val Shieldon joined the band in January and they started to write the material for their first album. 11 power songs plus a cover " Maniac " (from the soundtrack of the movie "Flashdance") were finished composing in September. Sigma signed a contract with the Athreia Records company at the end of the year and began recording the album at Rodgers Studios in Mantova (Italy) with Dave Rogers as producer and Fabrizio Giruzzi as executive producer for Athreia Records.