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Signum Regis was founded by the bass player and songwriter Ronnie König in 2007. Signum Regis focuses on melodic metal with neoclassical elements and shredding guitars.

For the recording Ronnie invited guitarists Ado Kaláber and Filip Koluš, keyboard player Ján Tupý and drummer Luděk Struhař. The interesting thing about Luděk is that besides being a great drummer he also is a singer. The position of the main vocalist had still been open at this point. However, it didn’t take too long to come to the decision to invite Göran Edman, a well-known vocalist with a magical voice from Sweden. There is no need to introduce him to the metal fans, because his performance on Yngwie Malmsteen and John Norum albums already became legendary. The recording started with demos, which were later sent to Göran. Fortunately, he was impressed by the sound of the first three songs, which were deliverd to him ("Follow The Light", "Neverland" and "Bright Days Of Glory") and agreed to step in.

The cooperation was tight and moved forward. The first completely recorded songs including "All Over The World", "Neverland", "For Ever And A Day", "Bright Days Of Glory" and "Mountain Haze" were sent to various labels. There were positive responses coming, so from this point, it was sure that the future of this band was open for new goals. Japanese label Avalon/Marquee offered Signum Regis a contract right after hearing the first half of the album in a rough mixed sound. The recording continued and in April 2008, everything was ready for mastering. The recording was done in 2 studios: Ronnie’s private "Vindex studio" in Senec and "Göran Edman studio" in Sweden. All songs were mixed by Ronnie and mastered by famous producer Tommy Hansen in Jailhouse Studio, Denmark. In May 2008, after the whole production process was done, it was time to find a label for the European region. The decision was to start the cooperation with Locomotive Records. The self-titled album Signum Regis will be released on 23rd July in Japan, 26th August in USA, 29th August in Europe.

In January 2009 the drummer Luděk Struhař was replaced by Adrian Ciel, due to the fact that Luděk didn't have enough time for the band anymore. In March 2009 started the recording of the second album...

All drum tracks were finished in summer 2009 and other instruments in Autumn 2009. During the studio sessions, band recorded a cover of Helloween's Sole Survivor.

In 2009, the band decided to become a real live band. In 2009 Adrian Ciel decided not to be a part of a live band and recomended his friends, drummer Jaro Jančula as his replacement.

January 2010 - Jaro became a full member of Signum Regis.