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Silencer saw the release of Death of Awe in 2005, the band's first full length album and a wake up call to the newer Silencer sound. After working hard for the past couple of years, and entangled in a snag or two along the way, we've completed Divisions . Now In 2009 we're delivering a 12 song behemoth that picks up where the former left off, adding levels of complexity and diversity to our brand of progressive thrash. Silencer is an album farther and tighter, and the results will speak for themselves. We're currently planning regional shows to kick off the momentum of the new album. See us live, we don't dissapoint. Check out the single "Effigy in Suspension" while you're here, as well as an album medley sampling a cross section of new tunes. Enjoy. Check back frequently for updated tour dates and teasers from our recent thrash evolution.