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Silent Fall was created in May 2005 out of the passion for music of three band members: Guillaume (keyboards),Cyrille (guitar) and Adrien (lead vocals). After a long period of searching for a drummer and a bass guitar player, Benoist (bass guitar) and Paulo (drums) finally joined the band in September with the now complete line-up performing under the name of Winterland.

With a few original compositions already at hand, the band started playing together while at the same time it was agreed to look for a second guitarist inorder to add more power and substance to the music. Fabrice therefore joined the band in June 2006 with his arrival coinciding with the first concerts of the band in Paris. A concert at l'Espace Curial on June 2nd 2006 with Niflheim and The LastEmbrace and a presence at Heavenfest on July 8th 2006, at la Maroquinerie.

The evolution of Winterland�s music along with the already-growing passionate following amongst their fans prompted the group to begin work on their first EP. Titled "The Snow Begins to Fall" it was released in early 2007. The group then started giving one performance after the other with the most noteworthy being a slot at Fallenfest, a Parisian musical contest bringing over 500 bands together, and allowing many dates at prestigious venues such as "Le Trabendo" and "La Cigale". The band came sixth. Furthermore, the group has supported two Danish bands during their European tours, Mercenary and Mnemic, as well as several concerts outside of Paris.

2008 saw the departure of Cyrille and Ben, to be replaced very shortly by by Sylvain and Pedro. The band now concentrated on creating new music while preparing for their first album. However, different musical tastes came to life within the band which lead to the departure of Paulo and Pedro. Sylvain thus decided to move to bass while two new musicians, Olivier (guitar) and Fabio (drums) settled into the group.

Having recorded four songs at Wildpath Studios, the group took a short break to participate at Raismesfest 2008 alongside renowned bands such as Gamma Ray and Korpiklaani. The decision to change the band's name to Silent Fall came in early 2009 as it was discovered that another band performed under the same name. Silent Fall's first full length album, � Otherwise ' was recorded in May 2009 and the band was soon after signed by Pitch Black Records. � Otherwise ' was released the following February while more live shows were being arranged. In the meantime, yet another line-up change, this time of a new guitar player, Pierre who replaced Fabrice.

Inspired in particular by bands like Angra, Sonata Arctica, Mercenary, Raintime and Edguy, the music of SILENT FALL is a blend of melodic power and symphonic metal, while at the same time creating a unique character reflecting the musical diversity each band member.