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SILVERLANE - this is that band, lives out in the subway-to-Sally-drummer Simon Michael his preferences for progressive partially oriented, but always melodic and symphonic power metal oriented in the tradition of Edguy or Avantasia, Kamelot and Gamma Ray. (!): And not just since yesterday, because in 1995 the then eleven year old laddie called with his school friend Daniel Saffer (bass) and his siblings - brother Chris (guitar, backing vocals) and sister Dodo (keyboards, backing vocals) - the Combo , almost as a family to life in order to gain experience in community composition.

Experience that should pay off quickly because the midst of work on self-produced companion piece LEGENDS OF SAFAR (2005) - a concept album, were sold by the self-distribution without promotion after all 1,000 copies - the drummer is applying for the medieval rock institution Subway To Sally. The cracks are excited about the exorbitant already in this young age can the talented young drummer - and make a sensational offer: "Give us until tomorrow, zehn clock know if you want to join us!" The rest, at least as far as Simon Michael's involvement in the Potsdam, rock history. This meant, however, is not also the end of SILVER LANE. On the contrary, together with singer Ecki Singer, a first-voiced 23-year bundle of energy, and guitarist Uli wood Ermer Michael works in parallel to " My Inner Demon " - the on 20 February 2009 official debut appearing with his band.

"The different modes of play in heavy metal - be it Medieval Folk, Hard Rock or even Power Metal, as we celebrate it now with SILVER LANE - are not so different as some listeners may feel like," says the percussionist, as he creates not only easy to operate at a high level in two acts simultaneously, but to also move in two seemingly opposing genres contrary, without the slightest friction. Because "good melodies with an equally good accompaniment - that always works!"

Accordingly, refer SILVERLANE their inspiration from "all kinds of genres of U-and E-music": it classical, movie soundtracks, Singer / Songwriter creations such as the Palestinian singer Rim Banna, or - in order to stay in the profession of the drummer - Oriental Percussion: All goes - nothing is impossible.

That " My Inner Demon " thus far from any in the melodic power metal moves sometimes clichés, instead innovations are very important, already indicated the seven-minute title song: powerful, monumental, threatening, bombastic, garnished with exotic percussion elements - here celebrating genre of symphonic dark metal literally his reincarnation! 'The Dark Storm' struck again with a powerful, epic swing - and 'Kingdom Of Sand' abounds with vitality, traditional heaviness a la Black Sabbath and playful delights especially in the area of the drums.

And while 'Wings Of Eternity' impressively demonstrated that it is not catchy melodies and sophisticated details in the arrangements must be exclusive, the five men and a lady from the Forchheim failed in 'Slowly' part of piano and string sequences flanked monolithically theatrical Seelenstreichler out, which is expected to serve as a reference in the first-ever power ballads.

Otherwise it succeeds SILVER LANE, with their prior unusual harmonies and phrases, crunchy riffs, driving rhythms and effective orchestrations bristling, intelligent songwriting one to create at any time captivating sound symbiosis that is principally due to its huge range of dynamics and emotions of a new standard job of symphonic power metal is. In other words, " My Inner Demon " is not only great cinema for the ears, but also a fascinating 3D IMAX event for the senses!