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Power Metal - Great Britain

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Formed in the summer of 2005 after an acoustic guitar found its way to a BBQ, much gallantry and enthusiasm ensued and the 'Pirate Band' was in motion.

After a number of line up changes and additional guitarists the four core crew members, The Cap'in, Scare, Dread and Bastard, remained. But soon we realised that with only two songs we weren't going to be going anywhere fast. So it was back to the composition cabin.

After a shakey period in late 2006 where the band almost fell apart due to inactivity, a new allegiance was formed and we all swore to make it work.

Cue 2007 with the addition of a new guitarist, Fradders, the Captain finally took his rightful place as figurehead to focus on vocals, and 9 written songs, we felt it was time to venture forth on an adventure.