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Dani Soengas and Jonathan Lago get together in February of 2004 to make some metal covers. They didn't play their own songs until 2005, when the band assumes the name of ¨Skydancer¨. With only 2 musicians on their line up, they record the first demo ¨Enfant Terrible¨, released in 2006. With a very personal style it took the attention of Spanish listeners.

The next year both musicians decide to enter on Mix-Plus Studios (Vigo) to record their official debut ¨Pozo de Lágrimas¨(Sto.Grial Records), finally released on 2008. With their dark-speed metal style, this album was the first appearance of the band on the metal mainstream press. It was not a complete success. Some radical sectors didn’t approve the mixture of classic metal with dark lyrics and other elements from the dark styles. At this point their actual drummer, Bruno Pla, enters the band. At the same time that the band is on the road, their second album was composed and recorded.

Then, in 2009 their second LP ¨Endorsed by self-destruction¨ was released. A self-produced and self-financed album, with the lyrics between English and Spanish. This second LP is even faster, darker, and aggressive than their debut, obtaining great reviews on the most important metal magazines and making the band reach a new level on their live shows. This album gave the band a giant step on his popularity.

Now, in 2010, the new work of Skydancer is ready. ¨Way of departed¨ is based of the different cultures death-styles, with a more technical and heavy vibe than their previous works. As always, the band will be on the road, introducing the audience on his particular music vision.