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The whole story began in the year 2000. It was just another alcohol-fueled Friday night, and after a while the boys (Ville and Sakke) decided that the world needs another melodic metal band. There can never be enough those around. And since they had been playing in bands practically all their lives, they felt that this should be a piece of cake. A rehearsal was scheduled.

Ville whipped out a couple of songs, and they rehearsed them as a duo for a while. A bass player was sorely needed. As it would happen, they found one in a bar just a couple of blocks away.A rehearsal was scheduled and later re-scheduled, since none of them remembered when it was. Arto was his name, and he has stayed with the band from those early moments.

The songs were piling up, and they had no singer. They looked for awhile, and somehow found an american girl called K. For the next year or so, she handled the vocals.

The second guitarist seemed impossible to find. A bunch of different characters tried & auditioned, but it never seemed to "click".

In 2003 our singer made it clear with her persistant absence, that she is no longer a member of Skyward.Things looked dark (for 5 minutes), until someone remembered the girl from the hairdresser´s close by. A friend had recommended her some time ago, and they had forgotten all about it. Sanna was her name, and she impressed the guys immediately. She was in.

They found theirselves an excellent guitarist, and decided to record something in a proper studio. Too bad (for him?) that he mysteriously disappeared just before the recordings.

The demo-ep was released early 2004, and received tons of positive feedback. This encouraged them to make a full-lenght album. They got a friend of theirs to play the 2nd guitar, and needless to say, he quit just before the recordings. This added Ville´s misery, who soon found blisters in his fingers. Naturally they didn´t even think about slowing down, but focused on the album and looked for another player later.

A guy called Antti Röksä answered the ad, and he was in from the first rehearsals.

Things were starting to look good.The band finally in form, the album finished.Who knows what could happen next. Onwards!