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Led by a female singer at ease in a clear or saturated voice, SOULMAKER are a fearsome & efficient metal band mingling neo-trash riffs with Swedish melodies. On stage a true headband machine with more than 60 tour dates performed, SOULMAKER never cheat and give us a profusion of energy.

SOULMAKER was born in 1999 under the impulse of Salva (guitar), Sam (bass) and Vivien (vocals). After many line up changes, in 2002 the band settled down with the arrival of Nico (drums) & Seb (guitar). They got skillful by doing cover versions and then went on to songwritting.

In 2004, the band recorded a single for the compilation Into a Heavy Circle, and soon after self-produced their first 3 demo titles, released in 2005 on their website.

In 2006, SOULMAKER made a pronounced musical turn: keeping their melodies and French lyrics, the band launched into more general Metal using various branches of sound, allowing their identity to develop freely. The broadcasting of the demo allowed the band to obtain more than 20 tour dates, opening for PSYKUP and EPICA.

In the begining of 2007, the band split from Vivien, and the arrival of Marina heralded a fresh start. To show us their new face they recorded the EP Obsessions. With webzines, magazines and gig-reports, the rebirth of SOULMAKER did not go unnoticed. The positive feedback for Obsessions has given the band a strong new motivation, and with more than 30 tour dates in France and Switzerland they have become quite renowned, doing the opening for ADX, KEllS and even BLACK BOMB A.

After many months of preparation, in July 2009 the band went into the studio under the management of Yann Klimezyk (MYPOLLUX) and recorded their 1st LP, Discordances .