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SOUTHERN CROSS' story began back in the winter of 2000, when David Lizotte, Jean-François Boudreault and Frederic St-Onge joined together to form a metal tribute band in Quebec. Few months and gigs later, the guys decided to record a few compositions to take part of a local University contest where they won the public prize. Olivier Perrier-Maurel and Jean-Benoît Lemire joined the band later on to complete the lineup.

A couple of demos were recorded and many gigs were done afterwards, including the opening for Edguy in Montreal in 2004. The first album, Rise Above , was produced independently by the band in 2005. This production resulted in a power/thrash metal album with a lot of progressive influences, very well received by the metal critics. An early 2006 release was followed by big concerts in Montreal and Quebec City, including opening for Yngwie Malmsteen, Stratovarius, Kamelot and Sonata Arctica.

Southern Cross signed a license deal with Thundering Records in January 2007 and Rise Above is released in Europe in May 2007. During this time, the band began working on material for the next album.

A full year of writing and pre-production helped the band crafted their own sound: a dark progressive approach while keeping both power and thrash influences, oriented on the melodies and great orchestrations. The guys then entered studios in 2008 and recorded their second full-length album: Down Below. The recording ended in Fall 2008 with the mastering session held in West West Side Studios by Alan Douches. First critics to hear the album were blown away by the band progression since the first album. Southern Cross also produced their first videoclip for the single Thirteen.

After parting ways with former member Frederic St-Onge in late 2008, the band began to rehearse with their new drummer Antoine Guertin, in January 2009. After few months, Southern Cross was ready to release the new album. Then band decided to part ways with label Thundering Records and released Down Below independently. During June 2009, a big release party happened in Quebec City. The band then started touring Canada to promote the new album while searching a new label to distribute and promote the new and further albums.