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Melodic Power - Germany

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Stormgarde play melodic metal. Often they are associated with bands like Nightwish and Hammerfall, but also old school rock like Rush.

With Sabrina's versatile voice and the catchy Keyboards the band take care, that fans from different genres get their moneys worth.

Concerts are given since 2001 and the band presents themselves on a lot of national stages so far, amongst others on the "Dong Open Air 2005" (Skyclad, Finntroll etc.), "Celtic Rock" (2008, with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and Schelmisch) and "Steel meets Steel" (2008, with Dew Scented and many more).

The first demo was released in 2004 and achieved a lot of good up to excellent reviews in the trade press and strikes big interest by metalfans (over 155.000 song downloads).

In 2006 the band begun with the recordings of their debut album " The Answer " which was released in november 2008. The disc contains ten tracks. If that sparks your interest, you can order it at

In november 2008 lead guitarist Daniel Stöckner leaves the band and is replaced by Sebastian Watolla (Neon Sunrise) in april 2009.  

At the moment Stormgarde are searching for serious label- and bookingpartner plus a new keyboarder and are working on their second longplayer (September 2010).