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Stormhunter was formed in 1999 in Germany.

Line-up: Ralf Ziegler on drums, Achim Heinzelmann and Stefan Müller on guitars and Dennis Helm on vocals.

1999/2000: The band is complete for the first time. Dennis Helm was replaced by Detlef Förster on vocals and Emi Farkas joined on Bass.

11.11.2000: Our first gig, after which Achim Heinzelmann was replaced by "Evil Avenger" on guitar.

2001: In june, the demo tape "First Battle" is released, followed by an appearance on the compilation "The Reaper Comes" at the end of 2001.

Several line-up chages take place until 2002. At this time, Stefan Müller, last founding member of Stormhunter, leaves the band. A last song "Claws Of Death" is released on the french compilation "United We Are" from Métal Intégral. Soon after that, the band changes name to Subsphere.

Since mid 2007, Stefan Müller wrote new songs and decided to reactivate Stormhunter with some friends: Julia, Frank and Denno.

For recordings planned at the end of 2008, Andreas accepts to play the drums. 7 songs are recorded in April 2009 at the Iguana Studios in March-Buchheim near Freiburg. The CD will probably be released in June 2009.

24.06.2009: The CD "Stormhunter" is released.